Your Administrator Settings (Video)

Get started by reviewing your Administrator Settings!

Please Note: when you update the Administrator Settings, you must select ‘Save’ in the section you made changes in. You can also click on the information icon beside each of the headings in your Settings to see more information. 

Watch the Video, by clicking on the image below!

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General Settings and Initial Set-up

Enable Support Account Access

  • This allows our Support team to access your account if you need assistance with the Online Management Console (OMC).

Enable Dymo LabelWriterⓇ 450 Printer

  • If you would like to print barcoded labels for your products, we have enabled the support for a Dymo LabelWriterⓇ 450 Printer. You can use the printed barcodes for labelling a product or shelf. The following Dymo label types and sizes are currently supported: 
      • 30251 - 1 ⅛” x 3 ½” (shelf label)
      • 30330 -  ¾” x 2” (price tag)
      • 30336 - 1” x 2 ⅛” (shelf label)

Catalog Settings

Minimum Stock Level 1

  •  A minimum quantity of a product that should/must be on hand.  If the count reaches this threshold, it may be time to re-order. This will be indicated in the Reorder report. 

Enable Minimum Stock Level 2

  • A second MSL option may be used if you have more than one minimum stock thresholds that need to be met in a week. This is also indicated in the Reorder Report.

Enable Custom Product Field

  • Use this customizable field to record any additional information that you may want to associate with your products. An example of this would be ‘Colour’; allowing you to identify the different colours of your products. You can view this field on the ‘Count’ Report and it will export in the Excel download.

Autogenerate Barcodes

  • If you do not have barcodes associated with your products, you can select this feature and they will be automatically created for you. 

Enable Handheld Area Management

  • This feature allows you to enable the ability for a Counter to associate products with a specific Area. If you do not want to allow Counters to perform this action, just leave it turned off.