Stop Counting Inventory with Pen and Paper!

Digitalize your Inventory Count


Upgrade your inventory management with trakr Counting – the innovative app that turns your iPhone into a time-saving and cost-effective inventory counting solution.

Flexible pricing plans designed to fit businesses of any size.

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There’s one operational task that always seems to loom overhead like a dark cloud: counting inventory.

Somewhere in every business, someone is struggling and frustrated counting inventory with pen and paper.

A physical inventory count is an essential audit function that remains a time consuming paper based process.


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trakr Counting, the solution shaking up the industry and making inventory counting a breeze.

An innovative mobile app that turns your phone into an inventory counting tool.

With just a smartphone, you simply walk through the store and start counting!  As you scan each item’s barcode, trakr Counting instantly records it. No more manual tallying, no more second-guessing. Every scan ensures accuracy and saves you precious time.


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As you scan, trakr Counting is quietly working its magic.

It’s not just counting; it’s gathering data and preparing detailed reports. No more struggling to create spreadsheets manually! Through its intuitive web application, you gain insights into your inventory like never before.

Overstocked items? You’ll know about them. 
Fast-moving products? They’ll be on your radar. 
Why give trakr Counting your time? Because time is exactly what it gives back to you. 

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trakr Counting is your key to staying organized, informed, and one step ahead.

trakr Counting isn’t just a product; it’s your new best friend. It’s reliable, efficient, and smart. In the world of retail, where every minute and every product counts.

Welcome to the future of counting inventory.

trakr Counting the solution that counts!

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If you are struggling to find enough time to Count your inventory and have limited resources, trakr Counting is the solution for you!


  • Create custom counting areas and categories.
  • Produce clean and simple product and shelf labels.
  • Barcode your entire inventory with our QR code/barcode generator.


  • No more printing off pages of your product catalog!
  • Create custom counting areas or categories to count what is on your shelves.
  • Scan to add products with your iPhone or enter manually.


  • Export your information to PDF, Excel or CSV. 
  • Digitalize your counts into Reports and Spreadsheets.
  • Know the value of the products on your shelves!

trakr Counting does the work for you!

From Shelf to Spreadsheet


If you’re looking for an easier way to manage your inventory, trakr Counting is the perfect solution! 

  • Import existing product catalogs to start counting quickly;
  • Create barcodes for your items and organize them in a way to make sense for your business.
Laura, Barista

I got a whole day back!

Counting inventory used to take me a full day - now I can do it in under 30 minutes! Time is valuable when you are managing a fast-paced coffee shop.

April, Spa Owner

Peace of mind

Before trakr Counting, we couldn't understand the variances in our inventory. Now any losses are minimized and identifiable. In our fast-paced environment the manager loves that Counting is such a smooth process and it can be picked right up where they left off. 

Chris, Warehouse Manager

It's worth every minute we use it!

The onboarding and support we were given was exceptional! Our users just pick up their phones and use the app. It does exactly what it is supposed to do!