Ditch the clipboard to count inventory from your phone!

Anyone who has ever had to count inventory knows that it can be time consuming. That's why we developed an efficiant mobile solution!

Our customers have reported being able to count items 10 times faster than before. This not only saves time, but also ensures that your inventory is accurate and up-to-date.

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trakr Counting, the solution that counts!
trakr Safety
trakr Counting, the solution that counts!

A digital tool for counting inventory

trakr Counting turns your phone or tablet into a digital clipboard.

Stay organized and count 10X faster!

Counting inventory can be done by category or by area using an iPhone, iPod or iPad, with a scanner or without.

Know who counted, when and what they counted, and what you need to re-order. Produce organized reports with our online management console.

No need to replace you ERP or Accounting system. We integrate well with other systems.

STOP wasting time with pen and paper! 

Starting @ $99/month (includes 5 Counters)
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A phone screen showing how to count using the trakr Counting app.

Set-up, store and access your employee & visitor information all in one place

Created to help businesses with screening and contact tracing, trakr Safety is a secure and easy to use health and safety tool.

trakr Safety's key functions are as a visitor screening tool, digital employee pass, customizable reporting and the ability to area trace.

From hospitals, universities and corporate offices, the film industry, manufacturing and hospitality, data is stored securely and reports can be easily generated.

Starting @ $149/month for up to 150 users

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A phone screen showing employee and visitor health and safety screening reports.


working hard to solve business problems with mobile solutions

Robbie is our mobile solutions guy!  He works alongside the end user in the field and always gets his hands dirty. His dedication to the process has guided trakrSuite to develop relevant solutions for today's workforce.
Our in-house rockstar loves canoeing, curling and skating.

A photograph of Robbie Saunders, founder and CEO of trakrSuite.
Robbie Saunders
founder + ceo

Whatever Robbie isn't doing or Jason hasn't done, Brenda is doing. Establishing key operations and workflows, she has trakrSuite positioned at the gate and prepared for continued growth.
When you can't find Brenda anywhere, she is somewhere reading. And she paints.

A photograph of Brenda Saunders, founder and COO or trakrsuite.
Brenda Saunders
founder + coo

Specializing in mobile and web technologies, Jason leads the daily development and deployment of trakrSuite's core application offerings.
When the weather is nice he enjoys running along the waterfront in his hometown or running to his gate for a whirlwind family adventure.

A photograph of Jason McBride, Senior Solutions Architect of trakrsuite.
Jason McBride
senior solutions architect
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