How do I start Counting with the App?

Follow the steps to get Counting! Download trakr Counting from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The trakr Counting app is currently supported on iOS and Android and can operate independently or with a supported Scanning Peripheral. To count your products, you must download the companion trakr Counting app from the App Stores.

Administrators can access the Online Management Console (OMC) through their browser and the trakr Counting app using the same login credentials. 

Depending on your subscription, you may be able to assign different roles; some roles do not have access to the Online Management Console (OMC) and can only be logged in using the trakr Counting app.

Steps to get Counting

  1. Open the trakr Counting App on your mobile device
  2. Login with your unique credentials
  3. Select ‘Go to Counts’
  4. Click ‘New’
  5. Be sure to name your Count
  6. Start Counting
    1. By Category
    2. By Area
    3. Scanning
  7. Click ‘Stop’ when you need to pause or complete your Count.
  8. Your Count will be saved on your mobile device and uploaded to the Admin OMC on your computer browser for future viewing and reporting.