Mapping your Catalog Headings (Video)

Use your catalogue and use our mapping tool to match the headings.

Having as much information as possible in your catalogue before importing is important. This will save you time and get you Counting faster! 

Using your own spreadsheet to import products, you can easily match the headings to similar fields in the trakr Counting solution. As soon as you upload the file, our mapping tool will automatically display corresponding fields for you to select from.

Click below to view a video showing this feature:

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 9-46-22 AM-png

Guidelines and Best Practices

You should utilize our provided template with pre-defined headings for efficient mapping; you can use your own Excel sheet, but ensure you adhere to the guidelines below. 

Column mapping: If using your own import, ensure the columns are accurately mapped to the corresponding fields in the trakr Counting solution.

Unique SKUs: Avoid duplicate SKUs as they serve as unique identifiers for products.

Unique Product Names: Employ unique product names to prevent confusion and ensure clarity.

Unique Barcodes: Avoid duplicate barcodes to facilitate accurate tracking and inventory management.

Data cleanliness: Eliminate duplicate or empty rows in your spreadsheet for streamlined data processing.

Header consistency: Maintain headers only at the first row of your spreadsheet to avoid confusion during import.

Data formatting: To ensure data integrity, avoid applying custom formatting, merging cells, inserting images, or adding borders.

Helpful Links

Clean Sheets - A tool to ensure you do not have duplicate data in your Excel sheet.