Using Reports

Only Admins have access to the OMC and will be able to view and print Reports.  We anticipate our Reports will offer a number of ways to view product stock levels. If the Reports available don’t suit your needs, you can export the Counting data to an Excel spreadsheet. 

Types of Reports

  1. Count
  2. Value
  3. Reorder
  4. By Category
  5. Print Count Sheet 
  6. Excel 

To view Reports:

  1. Login to the OMC
  2. Select ‘Counts’ from the side navigation bar
  3. Select ‘Count History’
  4. Click on the Count you want to view
  5. Select ‘View Report’
  6. Click on ‘Select Report’ to view the Report Types 
  7. Once you are in a Report you can also Select ‘Generate PDF’ to easily download the information.