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ACHOO! Managing Employee Absenteeism this Cold and Flu Season

As we approach the cold and flu season🤒, businesses are faced with the annual challenge of managing employee absenteeism. Unlike in previous years, there are no government mandates, leaving organizations to decide what tools to implement to keep their staff healthy and doors open.   

In order to understand the impact on your employees, it is important to consider three key factors: decreased productivity, revenue loss, and overtasked employees.

Over Tasked Employees
High levels of absenteeism can lead to increased stress and frustration and continue the cycle of employee exhaustion from over-tasking and taking on a double workload.

Decreased Productivity
When employees are absent due to illness, workloads increase for those who are present, leading to decreased productivity. This can result in missed deadlines, decreased quality of work, and potential project delays.
Revenue Loss
Absenteeism can hit a company's bottom line hard. Paying absent employees, hiring temporary replacements, and losing revenue due to reduced productivity can add up quickly. Can you afford to not ask your employees;
How do you feel today
 With the right digital solution, modernizing daily health screening can be simple with real-time results.


trakr Safety is a digital solution that offers a universal approach to managing employee absenteeism during cold and flu season.
Here's how it works and why it's a game-changer:
  • Early Illness Reporting
    • You're in charge of the questions you ask, and you can update them anytime to fit your needs. 
    • Employees can access their profiles in an easy-to-use and secure app.
  • Real-time Visibility
    • Know who can or can't work due to illness or quickly see who is working from home.
    • You can identify issues swiftly to get essential projects covered.
  • Access Information from Anywhere
    • Access the App from an iPhone or Android device, or from a computer browser.
    • Quick access from home or at the office.
    • Get notices by email when an employee will not be in the office.